“I’ve kept a diary on and off all my life…”

One of the books I’m currently reading is “My Secret Diary” by Jacqueline Wilson. I have a soft corner for children’s classics though I am no longer a child. I strongly believe that reading children’s classics as an adult can be very insightful.Wilson recounts her time as a 14 year old through excerpts from her diary when she was 14 in the 1960s. Not only do I relate to the thoughts of another young woman, it also satiates my hunger for all things ’60s. 

 I have always been curious about the thoughts of other people. Raw and unfiltered. Throwing all caution to the wind, if I could have one wish, I would wish for for the ability to read minds. Pop culture has often warned us against the folly of this curse-in-disguise, yet I wouldn’t be able to help myself. 

How wondrous it would be to know what others are thinking! Do they sometimes think cruel things? Do they feel lonely? Do they regret things said and done? What do they think of me? I doubt whether it would be pleasant, but I would love to see myself from the perspective of a stranger. 

Since wish granting genies aren’t real (NO I DIDN’T MEAN THAT, GENIE, COME BACK) I have to settle for the diaries that authors kept in their teenage years. 


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