Unpleasant Encounters 

On Saturday, the 17th, I was walking from a friend’s hostel to the main road to catch a bus. It was 4 in the afternoon. Just a regular day. Bright and sunny. I was beyond excited about our plans to go to the local amusement park the next day.  

As I walked along the deserted street, 3 boys of around my age approached from the other side. This wasn’t unusual because the locality is full of hostels. They and I were both walking on the pavement. When they were around 30m away from me, the boy in the middle spread his arms wide, in an attempt to block my path, as if asking for a hug. I went cold. I looked around – no one on the road besides us. 

I had two options, get off the pavement and walk to the other side of the street and give him the satisfaction of having frightened me, or be unnecessarily brave/foolhardy. I looked straight at him, glared and kept walking. When we were a couple of feet apart, just as we were about to collide, he lowered his hands and moved aside with his friends. 

On the entire ride home, I felt very disturbed but also incredibly lucky. This isn’t the first time I have faced something akin to this. Every girl I know has experienced a similar incident. But the realisation that I could have been physically harmed at the worst and emotionally scarred at the best if the boys had been more agressive troubled me. 

If I can’t feel safe in a known area, within walking distance of the college campus, in the middle of the day, where is it safe? 

This is such a sissy thought, but what is the use of an anonymous blog if I can’t write the silly things I feel? : I am really afraid of the day I’ll have to leave the cozy confines of my home and start earning, and fend for myself.  


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