Bright lights, we’re alright

I love Funnybones so much. She is so confident and happy all the time. On somedays I want to slap her and on others, I want to hug her tight and never let go. But we’re not huggers. And if you don’t imagine injuring your friends and don’t think they’re annoying as fuck at some point in your life, are they even your friends?

We were supposed to study together today, but we made dramatic dubsmashes to The Real Slim Shady, Miss Jackson, Teenagers, a bunch of other songs and the audio of the little girl saying “I wanna take a nap”. I played the little girl because I’m always up for naps. 

I’m going to the movies tomorrow with Giggly and Clumsy. So much has happened with Giggly and her douchebag of a boyfriend (now, thankfully, ex)



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