The curious case of cute, unavailable boys

23 March 2017

When you like someone, it should be a beautiful feeling. It should make you feel giddy with joy. It shouldn’t make you tense all the time. Ever since I started talking to ShriekyBeebo, I have only liked him more and more. He’s a feminist, he likes Led Zeppelin, he is liberal, has amazing taste in books and movies, and sings ‘Death of a Bachelor’ in the most off-tune way possible. But here’s the catch : he has a girlfriend! 

I’m not sure whether it is him I like or the idea of being in a relationship with a great guy. You should want to date someone because you can’t stop thinking about them and you feel like you’d die if you weren’t with them. It shouldn’t be because you are lonely.

It is not even funny how every guy I’ve ever liked is either taken, uninterested or fictitious. My heart actually feels heavy. Note, this is not a figure of speech. It was his birthday yesterday. How I wish he wasn’t with someone. And I know the girl, she’s nice. That only makes it worse. Sometimes from the tone of conversation, I feel like he likes me too – at the same time, I hate to think that he’d have feelings for me when he’s with this other nice girl.

It would be nice to have someone you could say anything to, someone who’d be your best friend. Someone you could sing off-key with and dance with after a really long day.



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