Things are too fast now, I wanna be in slowtown

28th March 2017

End semester exams started today. Now is the season of stress eating, queasy stomachs, sleepless nights and exhaustion. There are 10 days until that blessed day when I can continue to watch videos about band members’ relatives when they were younger, living in Cuba and doing the Zumba dance, but all without constant, heart-wrenching guilt.

So, in the morning I was walking to the exam hall with Funnybones when I came across Wolf. As if this wasn’t enough to reduce Funnybones to an immature, giggly child, suddenly someone called out my name. And who should it be but ShriekyBeebo! Funnybones took great delight in watching me flounder, from afar, as I attempted to make conversation with two guys both of whom I secretly like but are both involved with other people. Isn’t life just peachy?

This is almost like a movie, but only it is the story of a girl who is faced with unrequited love at every point in life! But all rom-coms end in luuurve. The girl gets the guy. Or guys.

Besides my non-existent, yet pathetic love life, things have been pretty great. I’m not sure what I want to be, in terms of my career, but I see myslef as either a teacher or a child counselor. Fortunately, I’ve got an teaching internship this summer. (Can I get a hell yeah?) Not only will I be going to a different city, I’ll be staying there for the little duration after the internship to see what the city has to offer. I’m so fricking excited!



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