Can’t sleep, won’t sleep

Awake at 1am There’s still hope for getting out of this mess Things not said or done-we recall. Awake at 2am There’s no getting out of these insomniac tendencies Warmth of human embrace-we miss. Awake at 3am There’s a certain hour for sad songs and now it is Coherence in this Chaos-we crave. Awake at […]

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Too little, too much

Some days I’m petrified, On others, inspired. On each wrist a slit, Make them all laugh. Cry until I can’t anymore, Dance till I drop. Filthy clothes, alone for days, Drink too much and laugh. Can’t look at a book any longer, Buy 5 new ones. I’m drowning, help I’m not crying wolf, I swear. […]

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I was one of those people staying “new year, new me is bullshit”, “2016 is the devil’s year”¬†

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Sometimes I feel like my legs are broken and I’m on a rolling barrel. I need to run because I CAN’T FALL, but I can’t run because ofcourse, my legs are broken.

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